APT PR Marketing Job

APT Marketing have announced a new Account Executive job.
APT PR Marketing JobThe company & role:
APT Marketing & PR is a full service agency working locally, nationally and internationally. We are looking to expand our team in response to increasing demand and we are looking for the right candidate based on both experience and personality. The successful candidate will preferably have agency experience and be comfortable working across a variety of sectors including with both B2B and B2C clients, although neither are essential. They will be hard-working, diligent and flexible, with an understanding of strategic marketing and cross-platform campaigns.
We are a dynamic agency with a good rapport so a sense of humour is essential. We are incredibly busy and candidates must be able to adapt and deliver on the changing needs of our clients and the agency.

Key responsibilities:
The role will suit an ambitious individual who has good time management and is keen to take on responsibility within the agency.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

Delivery of client’s marketing needs in a timely fashion
Ensuring the agency meets and exceeds the needs of the client
Build good relationships with suppliers
Strategy and planning for specific campaigns
Project-management of specific campaigns
Work with digital tools including Content Management Systems, E-marketing Systems, Social Media Platforms etc.
Copywriting and editing
Print management and buying
Analysis and reporting
Administration Support

Qualifications / Skills:

Very strong organisational skills are required
Preferably educated to degree level in any discipline, although this is not essential
Suitable experience in an agency although again, this is not essential
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Proficiency in specific digital software
Computer Literacy essential
Good phone manner
Results-driven approach
Good time-management
Ability to work across a number of different accounts and sectors

Personal attributes:


Salary: Competitive based on experience
Contract: Temporary six month contract with opportunity for a permanent position
Hours per week: Full Time

Closing date: 13th September 2013
Interviews: Week Commencing 16th September 2013

To apply, please email a copy of your CV and a covering letter to victoria@aptmarketing.co.uk. Please include your salary expectations and notice period.

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Older people in work on the rise

 The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said changes to working patterns meant more older people were still working.
Older people in work on the riseThe proportion of older people who are economically active has almost doubled in 10 years, figures have shown.

The Office for National Statistics report based on the 2011 Census in England and Wales found a rise from 8.7% to 16% for people aged 65 to 74.

The ONS said factors included more flexible working patterns and removal of the compulsory retirement age.

It said the total number of people aged 65 and over increased from 8.3 million to 9.2 million since 2001.

The proportion of people in that age group who were divorced also saw a rise from 5.2% to 8.7% over 10 years.

This compares with a smaller increase from 8.2% to 9% for the general population.

Some 5.3 million older people were married or in a civil partnership compared with 4.3 million who were married in 2001.

In 2011, 56% were living as a couple, 31% were living alone and 3.7% were living in communal establishments.

The report said: “A 2012 ONS publication highlighted that people are working longer than they used to; key factors may be increased life expectancy, the removal of compulsory retirement age, the increase in flexible working patterns, and economic pressures leading to rising living costs.

“This trend is likely to continue, as the age for women’s state pension eligibility increases to align with men by 2018.”

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More UK workers earning less than living wage

The number of UK workers earning below the so-called living wage has risen to 4.8 million new research suggests.More UK workers earning less than living wageThe figure, equivalent to 20% of employees, is up from 3.4 million in 2009, the Resolution Foundation think tank said.

The living wage is set at £7.45 outside London and £8.55 in the capital.

Although employers are obliged to pay the minimum wage, there is no legal requirement to pay the living wage.

The left leaning Resolution Foundation said that it had used the most recent figures available, when the benchmark was calculated as £7.20 an hour outside London and £8.30 in the capital.

It found that 25% of women and 15% of men were paid below the living wage in 2012 – up from 18% and 11% in 2009.

The think tank also found that 77% of employees aged under 20, and two-thirds of restaurant and hotel workers, earned less than the living wage.

Report author and economist Matthew Whittaker said: “For most of the working population real wages have been flat or declining for many years and as a result more and more people have dipped below the level of the living wage.

“Britain has a sorry story to tell on low pay. Only a handful of our close competitors do worse and the large majority have much lower rates of low pay – sometimes half as much.”

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Agency workers not being paid equally

The UK is failing to implement European rules designed to give equal pay to agency workers according to the TUC.
Agency workers not being paid equallyAgency workers who have been with a company for more than 12 weeks should be entitled to the same pay as permanent staff.

The TUC is complaining to the European Commission, saying that agency workers are still being paid less.

It comes amid a row about workers on so-called zero hours contracts.

The TUC claimed the government’s implementation of the Temporary Agency Workers Directive, which came into effect two years ago, was flawed.

It argued an exemption meant that if a worker was directly employed by an agency, the company did not have to pay that worker the same rate of pay as a staffer – although they do get paid for at least four weeks between assignments.

The TUC said there had been a big rise in these types of contracts, with more than one in six agency workers now on them, particularly in low-paid, low-skilled work.

The TUC wants these contracts banned and has now asked the European Commission to investigate the problem.

General secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The recent agency worker regulations have improved working conditions for many agency workers without causing job losses.

“However, the regulations are being undermined by a growing number of employers who are putting staff on contracts that deny them equal pay.

Zero-hours contracts, or casual contracts, allow employers to hire staff with no guarantee of work.

Employers say zero-hours contracts allow them the flexibility to take on staff in response to fluctuating demand for their services, in sectors such as tourism and hospitality.

Some employers have been accused of rolling over temporary employment in short-term amounts to get around having to pay workers full-time pay and benefits.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 250,000 UK workers are on zero-hours contracts – around 1% of the UK workforce – though the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development thinks the figure is closer to one million.

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Tattoos harm your job employability

Research presented to the British Sociological Association found that no matter how intelligent and articulate a job applicant is, if they have a visible tattoo, most would-be employers will secretly rule them out as looking “dirty” and “unsavoury” or even “repugnant”.
Tattoos harm your job employabilityEven employers who do not have a personal objection to body art would think twice about taking on someone with a tattoo because they fear it would damage their corporate image.

In a paper, being presented to the association’s annual conference on workplace issues, Dr Andrew Timming of St Andrew’s University School of Management, set out findings from a series of interviews with employers about perceptions of body art.

He spoke to a cross section of managers from organisations including a hotel, bank, city council, prison, university and bookseller.

Most said that tattoos carried a clear “stigma” for employers, with several expressing strong views on the subject.

“Respondents expressed concern that visibly tattooed workers may be perceived by customers to be ‘abhorrent’, ‘repugnant’, ‘unsavoury’ and ‘untidy’,” said Dr Timming.

“It was surmised that customers might project a negative service experience based on stereotypes that tattooed people are thugs and druggies.”

One male manager interviewed told Dr Timming: “Tattoos are the first thing fellow recruiters talk about when the person has gone out of the door.”

A woman added: “They make a person look dirty”.

Dr Timming said bosses’ concerns were usually based on perceptions of what their organisation’s clients might think.

“Hiring managers realise that, ultimately, it does not matter what they think of tattoos – what really matters, instead, is how customers might perceive employees with visible tattoos,” he said.

But he added that some images were easier for employers to forgive than others.

While in many cases flowers or small animals might just be acceptable for some, those most likely to prove a definite turn-off included spider’s webs on people’s necks, tears tattooed on to their faces, guns and sexual imagery.

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UK employment to reach 30 million says CIPD

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says employment should grow to a record high by 2015.UK employment to reach 30 million says CIPDIts study says the number of people employed should grow throughout 2013 to reach 30 million two years later.

The CIPD says that the reasons for jobs growth throughout a period of flat economic growth remain obscure.

It says underemployment – people taking part-time jobs who would like full-time work – has not grown significantly and does not explain this jobs growth.

A report compiled by the CIPD’s former chief economist, John Philpott, predicted a year of “slog” for those in work.

Dr Philpott, who heads the Jobs Economist consultancy, said workers could expect longer hours, static pay and limited jobs creation next year.

He says job insecurity will remain high and unemployment will rise to 2.63 million, because the size of the workforce will outstrip the number of jobs being created.

However, he expects the number of young people unemployed will fall below 900,000, moving away from the one million level it threatened to breach through 2012.

Dr Philpott said: “Our jobs outlook for 2013 is relatively optimistic in that we expect only a modest rise in unemployment. However, the fact that this can be considered good news merely underlines the harsh reality of current economic austerity.

“GDP may grow somewhat faster but 2013 will be another year of hard slog, with longer hours for those lucky enough to have jobs and a further squeeze on living standards for workers and the jobless alike.”

Mark Beatson, chief economist at the CIPD, said the labour market was currently difficult to understand: “The jobs enigma, of strong growth in private sector employment in the absence of sustained economic growth, has been one of the most mystifying economic features of 2012, and if 2012 proved an enigma, the labour market appears equally difficult to pin down for 2013.”

He added that the underemployment explanation was not adequate: “While there are undoubtedly significant numbers of people working fewer hours than they would like… the numbers have not increased significantly this year, making it a poor explanation on its own for the 2012 jobs enigma.”

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Top rated consumer brand

Usana has been top rated by the Consumer Labs.Top rated consumer brand
We work with the top rated marketing business- and that’s offficial.

Usana has been named ConsumerLab.com’s No. 1 Rated Brand in the Direct Sales Channel Based on Customer Satisfaction.

The incredible honour is based on the percentage of survey respondents who were “highly satisfied” with USANA. That means we must be doing something right. Right?

We love to win awards. And we’ve done pretty well recently. In the past, we’ve received a top rating in 2011 for top Merchant in the Direct Sales Channel from ConsumerLab.com’s Survey*, as well as approval for several products.

ConsumerLab.com is a well-respected organization whose mission is “to identify the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing.” So when they say something about product quality it’s backed with a whole lot of credibility.

But this is a very important honor because it’s based on what you think about what we do. It’s a glowing neon sign that says we’re living up to the promise we’ve made to you—that everything we do helps you love life and live it.

*For more information see www.consumerlab.com/survey2013.

So what’s going to be easier for you for find out more? If you are ready to create new results in your life and join our winning team, please click here now- join a top rated consumer business or just pick up the phone and give Andy a call on 01451 832 206 or Andy’s mobile 07747 035 208 for an informal chat about the opportunities available to you. get started now

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Health & Beauty Industry Position with Award Winning Global Company

You are offered a Health & Beauty Industry Position with an award winning global company.Health & Beauty Industry Position with Award Winning Global CompanyThis is a self employed, full or part time position working with an award winning global health and beauty company.

USANA Health Sciences is one of America’s leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. USANA helps improve the lives of thousands of people around the world in two ways:
1) Superior product lines that customers can always trust
2) Innovative network marketing program that offers a fair and balanced compensation plan for both the average and ambitious USANA Associate

Our Mission
To develop and provide the highest quality, science-based health products, distributed internationally through associate marketing, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent Associates, shareholders, and employees.

The position is commission only and offers one of the highest profit margins in the industry with unlimited results based earnings.

Some knowledge of the health and beauty industry is preferred but is not essential as full training and support will be provided.

You can work from home and operate in any area of the country you choose during whatever hours are suitable for you.

You will work within out team- so you will receive help to improve your income and skills- without being left on your own.

Ideal candidates would ideally possess the following qualities:

  •     An open minded approach- with the ability to learn.
  •     An interest in health & fitness or beauty
  •     Confident in dealing with people
  •     Friendly and outgoing personality
  •     A positive attitude

Please call Andy on 01451 832 206 or my mobile 07747 035 208 for more information.

Salary: This position is run on a self  employed basis, payment being commissioned based with bonuses available.

Hours Per Week: Full or Part Time

To apply, please email andy@home-based-jobs.net

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Your free health check assessment and evaluation

Your free health check assessment and evaluation- it’s online and it’s confidential.Your free health check assessment and evaluation

We have a free, confidential app that opens up a world of success—in your health and your life.

USANA’s original Health Assessment & Advisor was innovative. But it focused solely on products. The new True Health Assessment is revolutionary—helping you discover your personal path to a healthier, happier life.

What Is It?
The True Health Assessment is the key to creating a truly personalised USANA experience. And, let’s not forget, it’s free, easy to use, and very, very cool.

But what is it and what does it do? You probably could guess, from the name, that it’s an assessment. But this isn’t your average questionnaire. This app asks for your health goals, gathers information about lifestyle, activities, eating habits, health concerns, and more, then it gives you a list of top risk areas, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle plan, and customised product recommendations.

Tell the patent-pending True Health Assessment what you want and who you are, it will give you a roadmap to health—danger on the left, keep right at the junk food, stop here for the USANA® Essentials™. And these aren’t generic eat-right-and-exercise recommendations. The True Health Assessment provides a unique plan for you based on exactly what you need most.

And there’s 20 years of USANA scientific research and development knowledge packed into something literally anyone can use. The Assessment truly embodies ‘Your heath. Your life. Your way.’ and delivers on our brand promise—everything we do helps you love life and live it.

Where Do I Get It?
Download the True Health Assessment for iPad. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad. A Web version of the True Health Check is also available here, and on your personal webhosting page.

Also visit the True Health Assessment Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions both general and technical.

get started now

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How to be your own boss

The cost of becoming your own boss can be very high- not to say lonely.

how to be your own boss video

Which is why we are succeeding by building a team of like minded individuals- promoting award winning health products.

There are three main ways of starting your own business:

1) Creating a product or service- this is the hardest and lonliest. You are own your own- having to convince the world that your product or service is brilliant and that the world needs it.

Oh and by the way you have to do the creation, procurement, marketing, sales, delivery, accountant and cash flow management all by yourself.

Then if your business does grow you have to worry about recruitment the right people who share your ethos as well as staff retention, red tape including national insurance, health and safety and monthly salary payments.

2) Buying a franchise- this is fine if you have a spare £200,000 to buy a burger flipping MacDonald’s franchise.

Sure there are other cheaper alternatives, but the company’s direction and delivery are beyond your control. You have to build your business around what the master company says. And you have to hope that they will adapt and improve with the ever changing world in which we live.

3) Join a networking marketing group- this is cheapest, easiest and your stay in control of your life and finances.

The benefits of network marketing include:

Award winning quality products, generous percentage of profits from product sales, low start up costs, no inventory required and an international business you can operate from your own home.

The benefits of a Usana Network Marketing Group are:

  • No employees
  • No set hours
  • No set workplace
  • Solid income potential
  • Poetntial tax advantages

So what’s going to be easier for you for find out more? If you are ready to create new results in your life and join our winning team, please click here now- your winning opportunity or just pick up the phone and give Andy a call on 01451 832 206 or Andy’s mobile 07747 035 208 for an informal chat about the opportunities available to you.

learn more now

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