How to stop rising cost of commuting fuel debate

On the day that MPs are set to debate a motion urging the government to stop fuel price rises and commuting costs- Home Based Jobs suggests an alternative approach.How to stop rising cost of commuting fuel debateTory MP Robert Halfon’s motion was tabled in response to an e-petition signed by more than 100,000 people and is supported by more than 100 MPs.

The government plans to increase fuel duty by 3p a litre in January – meaning an extra £1.50 to fill an average car.

It says prices would be even higher had ministers not scrapped automatic fuel-tax increases imposed by Labour.

Petrol prices have tripled in the past two decades.

Chancellor George Osborne scrapped the annual fuel tax escalator – a mechanism under which duty rose by 1p above inflation every year – and cut fuel duty by 1p in March’s Budget.

However, he has only postponed the planned inflation-linked part of the duty rise from April 2011 to January 2012, and from April 2012 to August 2012.

Mr Halfon said high fuel prices were causing “immense difficulties” for small and medium-sized businesses, and that some low-paid workers were paying a tenth of their income just to fill up the car.

In his motion, he urges ministers to consider whether current fuel tax rates are economically competitive; what impact they are having on economic growth and unemployment levels; and to examine the case for a price stabilisation mechanism to even out fluctuations in pump prices.

The Treasury has already said it will introduce a “fair fuel stabiliser” to ensure price rises are capped to inflation when oil prices are high, with oil firms filling the gap by paying extra tax.
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Motion in full

“That this House welcomes the 1p cut in fuel duty at the 2011 Budget, the abolition of the fuel tax escalator, the establishment of a fair fuel stabiliser and the government’s acknowledgement that high petrol and diesel prices are a serious problem; notes that in the context of the government’s efforts to tackle the deficit and put the public finances on a sustainable path, ensuring stable tax revenues is vital for sustainable growth; however, believes that high fuel prices are causing immense difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises vital to economic recovery; further notes reports that some low-paid workers are paying a tenth of their income just to fill up the family car and that high fuel prices are particularly damaging for the road freight industry; considers that high rates of fuel duty may have led to lower tax revenues in recent years, after reports from leading motoring organisations suggested that fuel duty revenues were at least £1bn lower in the first six months of 2011 compared with 2008; and calls on the government to consider the effect that increased taxes on fuel will have on the economy, examine ways of working with industry to ensure that falls in oil prices are passed on to consumers, to take account of market competitiveness, and to consider the feasibility of a price stabilisation mechanism that would work alongside the fair fuel stabiliser to address fluctuations in the pump price.”

Motoring journalist Quentin Willson, who speaks for FairFuel UK, a pressure group behind the e-petition, said he and others “want the whole fuel pricing issue to become open and transparent”, adding that high fuel duty is “strangling the economy”.

“There are desperate, desperate people who cannot afford to use the roads. The effect on society at the moment has been absolutely desperate. Fuel duty is strangling us,” he said.

Today’s debate is expected to last three hours, was approved by the Backbench Business Committee.

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