Jobs recruitment market to get more competitive

Recruiter Totaljobs have analysed their recruitment records for the past year- and the results paint a picture of a highly competitive jobs market.Jobs recruitment market to get more competitiveAlthough the supply of jobs has increased by 8% across the UK, there has been a 42% rise in the number of applications.

According to Totaljobs, the average number of applications per job is 23.

However, that hides wide variations across different industries: 46 people apply for every customer service job available; 45 for every secretarial job; and 42 applications per retail job.

Add in the variable of geography, and those numbers get even worse – on average 60 people apply for every secretarial job in London.

Regionally, competition is at a peak in the South East, with 33 applicants on average for every job, in contrast with East Anglia where “only” 10 apply for each job.

However, the part of the UK that has seen the greatest increase in competition is Scotland, where 16 people apply for every job – up from nine in 2010. This is largely due to a 28% drop in the number of jobs available, according to Totaljobs.

Jobs that need less technical training, such as customer services or secretarial jobs have seen applications per job rise by over 50%.

“This suggests that those without technical skills that are currently in demand could be frozen out of the workforce,” John Salt, director of Totaljobs.

Sectors that are showing job growth – engineering, aerospace and the oil and gas industries – require specialised skills, and these haven’t seen a rise in the number of applications.

Another structural problem in the labour market is the gap between the public and private sector.

The coalition government had hoped that the private sector would pick up the slack when public sector jobs were shed.

But Mr Salt said that according to his analysis, in the last six months to the end of November this has not happened: “One job has been created in the private sector for every 13 jobs lost in the public sector.”

His advice for jobseekers is to be flexible about your location, salary and job, and to tailor your application.

“The most important thing is to be very clear and focused and not apply for hundreds of jobs with the same application,” he said.

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