Your perfect job?

What do you want and not want in your perfect job?Your perfect job?Ok- so let’s get the negatives out of the way. What  DON’T you want in a job?

You do not want a boss.
You do not want to be on anyone else’s time.
You do not want to have to wake up so early anymore, especially to that loud alarm clock.
You do not want to commute anymore and sit for hours … frustrated … in traffic.
You do not want to go and work in an office.
You do not want to be part of a business of any kind either, with troubles like a storefront, investment, inventory, employees, extensive record-keeping, or having to sell products to anybody.
And you do not want anything that requires special training, education, or skills.

Then, began thinking about what you DO want in a job.

You want to work from home or anywhere else you choose.
You want a job that will give you the free time to spend with your family and friends- who have suffered from your situation the past few years.
You want an income that will give you more than you need to pay the bills- with a few treats now and again.
You want to take time off whenever you want and you want to have plenty of time for other people.
You want something that will be reasonably easy.
You want a job that you will enjoy 100% of the time.
You want to only work a few hours a day, whenever you choose.
And you want and need to start making money immediately.

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August 7, 2012 · Home Based Jobs · Comments Closed
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