Future workplaces- flexible, home based working

Future work based organisations will be flexible, home based opportunities according to new university research.Future workplaces- flexible, home based workingSampling views from a panel representing Imperial College London, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Washington, other international academics and the UK government, research has just been published that points to dramatic changes in the workplace as we know it.

The prospect of working with people you’ll never actually meet and communicating with virtual colleagues are two of the potential scenarios identified by leading thinkers into how workplaces will evolve by 2025.

Forget whether it’s practical to bring your own technology devices to work – in the future, you may not even have an office.

According to the expert panel, by 2025 technology will allow us to conjure workspaces out of thin air by using interactive surfaces.

Holographic teleconferencing and virtual “dry runs” of projects will consign old office templates to the dustbin.

In many cases, the people working in this way will not even know each other’s identities.

It’s a trend that’s well under way already. By next year there will be 1.2 billion connected consumer electronics devices in more than 800 million homes with broadband connections globally, says IBM.

Over time, ubiquitous computing through networked chips embedded into everything around us means that the mobile phone, and eventually goggles and active contact lenses, will be the gateway to virtual work spaces and collaborative projects. One blink and we can be transported right into the heart of our “offices”.

No need to even worry about bringing your own device if that just means bringing yourself – and if there’s no physical office to go to anyway.

The blending of devices for work and for personal use will be taken to the nth degree.

As the range and capacity of what is achievable on these devices increases, it’ll lead to massive collaborations.

Groups of workers will be organised digitally across the globe, and kept in touch with this in-built technology that’ll allow us to work on the move whenever we choose.

Data-driven innovation underpinned by communications infrastructure is going to force through some enormous changes in the workplace and how many of us do our jobs.

Technology will be able to set us free from many of the restrictions of current work patterns, and may mean we all work a bit less too.

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